Manifestation Coach Testimonials


“It is hard to put into words how much Jessica has helped me (both personally and professionally). Jessica provided the perfect combination of active listening, sharing her wisdom, and encouraging me to believe in myself and my ideas. The overall experience was nothing short of magical and I can not recommend her enough to anyone who is feeling stuck and wants guidance and direction to propel forward toward a goal. One of the biggest shifts that I have noticed since working with Jessica is my confidence in my business and the knowledge I have gained to help me reach the goals that I had set out. Jessica’s support really meant the world to me because I was doubting if I really had what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur. She provided me with endless positive feedback and really boosted my confidence in my ideas and abilities. The skills that she taught me will serve me well moving forward as I try to expand my endeavors because she has truly instilled in me that the sky is the limit. To anyone that is on the fence about working with Jessica, take the leap! You won’t regret it. You will see within the first five minutes of your first session with her that she is 100% worth it and will help you make major changes in your life. I now have the practical tools to move forward confidently with my ideas and goals and I have Jessica to thank for that!”

— Liza Rubin

“The main thing I got from working with Jessica was inspiration. Not only is she proof you can achieve whatever you set your mind to but also because she pointed out positive things I wasn’t seeing in myself and helped me understand my potential. This is absolutely a great investment. Jessica is clearly a professional in her field. She connects with you on a personal level which I found really motivating. I’m very glad I came across Jessica and her coaching services. Sometimes all you need is someone who can guide you and reassure that you’re on the right track but it’s even better to have someone who has the experience to help you see what you need to improve in order to achieve your goals.”

—Caro Santamaria

“Jessica provided so much clarity to so many questions I had and opened my eyes to so many possibilities. She allowed me to see my capabilities and strengths. I love how passionate she is about seeing other women succeed. I highly recommend Jessica to anyone looking for a coach to take their blog/business to the next level!”

Priscilla Morales

“I loved working with Jessica! It was like I had someone who truly cared about me in my corner. I felt that I had no judgment and could be open with her and had someone who gave it to me real. I felt so doubtful and knew something was not working before I met Jessica. I wasn’t taking action as I should have now I feel so confident in my abilities.”

—Natasha Gisela

“Since working with Jessica, I can’t believe how much I’ve already accomplished to pursue my dream and make it into a reality. I love working with her. It really feels like she has my back throughout all of it.”

—Monica Ziessler

“Jessica is super kind and supportive in her guidance and knows how to ask the right questions that don't seem invasive but they're able to dig deeper than surface level. If someone was on the fence about signing up for coaching with Jessica, I'd tell them to just give it a shot. She's really great and you'd be able to get a lot accomplished in a short amount of time. I've spent years trying to figure out how to narrow things down and decide on which direction I want to take with my business and Jessica was able to offer so much clarity and confidence to help me lean into an area that I know I'm hyper-passionate about.”

—Sheena Cunnings