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Manifestation coaching is designed to help you do the inner work and take the action steps needed to attract the things you most desire.



Manifestation coaching is for high-vibe women who desire more abundance, success, love, and joy in their life. Women who are ready to take things to the next level and create a life that’s super juicy, magical, and uniquely tailored just for them. Together, we’ll get crystal clear on your desires, remove the blocks that are holding you back, map out powerful actions steps, and harness the power of manifestation and spirituality to help you attract the things you want. Babe, the universe planted every single one of your desires in your heart for a reason. It is your divine purpose to have and experience all of them.


Different ways I can support you…

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Unleash Your Magnificence Workbook

If you're not ready to work with a coach yet, my Unleash Your Magnificence workbook is a great option for you to begin tapping into the power of manifestation on your own. The workbook guides you through various journal prompts to help you elevate your self-love, overcome your fears, clarify your vision, discover your soul’s purpose, and manifest the things you want.


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Manifestation Deep Dive

During this one-on-one 60-minute call, we'll do a deep dive into manifesting the vision you have for your life. Together, we'll get clear on your desires, uncover what is blocking you, and come up with tangible action steps for you to take to move you closer to your goals. We may tap into a variety of healing modalities in the session such as guided visualization, EFT (tapping), journaling, oracle cards, Human Design, and more. This session also includes a copy of my Unleash Your Magnificence ($50 value) journaling workbook to further guide you on your journey.


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3-Month Coaching Series

This coaching series is for you if you're ready to create some major changes in your life. It includes:

+ 6 bi-weekly private calls (via phone or Skype)

+ Unlimited email and text message support

+ Personalized affirmations, journal prompts, and transformational exercises and rituals

+ Weekly inner work to help you bust through blocks, reprogram your subconscious mind, and clear space for your desires

+ Clear, tangible action steps to take that will move you closer to your goals

+ A copy of my Unleash Your Magnificence workbook to journal through throughout the coaching series


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The Process

I'm a certified life coach but I also tap into intuitive guidance and draw on different healing modalities and spiritual tools to help you reprogram subconscious beliefs and create change in your life. Each coaching journey is completely personalized but sessions may include a mix of journaling, meditation, guided visualization, EFT (emotional freedom technique) tapping, oracle card readings, and more. In general, here are the pillars of the manifestation process:


We'll start off by getting crystal clear about what you want to call into your life (be it money, success, a new job, a partner, a dream home, or whatever else your heart craves). We’ll also tap into your Human Design to determine your unique strategy for manifesting.


In order to attract the things you want, you need to uncover and reprogram the subconscious beliefs that are holding you back. We’ll use a variety of techniques for this including EFT tapping, journaling, affirmations, and meditation.


Developing an unwavering sense of self-love and self-worth is key in magnetizing what you want. Together, we’ll take inventory of all areas of your life and determine what you need to let go of that is no longer serving you to create space for what you want to flow into your life.


Connecting with your spiritual side is an important element of being in a state of flow with your manifestations. You’ll be guided on how to deepen your spiritual practice and how to sharpen your intuition.


The deep inner work is only one part of the manifestation process. The other part is taking bold action steps and that includes conquering your fears and going after the things you want. We’ll map out tangible action steps for you to take that will help you call in your desires with ease.



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Manifest anything you want.

Not sure what support you need? Schedule a 30-minute discovery call so we can chat about your goals and how I can support you.

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