How To Break Through Your Upper Limit

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I learned about the upper limit problem in the book The Big Leap by Gay Hendricks. Your upper limit is basically an invisible ceiling for how much love, joy, success, or abundance you’re comfortable having and experiencing.

And whenever you break through that ceiling and receive more than you’re used to, it almost feels too good to be true and subconsciously you do something to self-sabotage and bring yourself back down to a more comfortable level.

This can play out in all areas of your life, big and small. Some examples include receiving an unexpected check and then getting a parking ticket or getting a cold right before you’re about to go on a beautiful vacation you’ve been planning for months.

Breaking through your upper limit can feel very uncomfortable. The growing pains are no joke. Know that it’s normal and it happens to everyone and see it as a good thing. It means you’re growing and expanding your capacity to receive bigger and better things.

Keep reading for some more tips on how to break through your upper limit.

Be Aware That It’s Happening

Awareness is the biggest healer and the first step towards creating any kind of change in your life. So, obviously, in order to break through your upper limit you need to be aware that it’s happening. Whenever you manifest something juicy into your life (big or small), keep your eyes peeled for any self-sabotaging behavior.

Notice Your Self-Sabotaging Patterns

We all have different patterns for how we self-sabotage when things get good. Start to pay attention to how your self-sabotage manifests for you in your life and how it’s looked in the past.

For example, I know that when things are going really well for me or I just called in something very big and exciting into my life, I get a lot of headaches and just don’t feel very well.

That’s how I subconsciously bring myself back down. Being aware of that pattern means that I know to double down on my self-care and make sure I’m eating healthy, drinking water, and getting plenty of rest whenever a big manifestation comes through.

My boyfriend Andy is another great example. He had a tendency to somehow hurt himself every time we stayed at a fancy five-star hotel because he subconsciously didn’t feel good enough to be there. One time he twisted his ankle. Another time he was stung by a bee while we were chilling by the pool and another time he pinched a nerve while taking a shower. Now, you best believe he is super careful when something good happens so he doesn’t subconsciously hurt himself.

Step Up Your Affirmations Game

Hitting your upper limit is a time of massive growth and deep inside we’re kind of terrified of all the amazing things we’re receiving. That’s what makes it a great time to repeat affirmations. They’ll help remind your subconscious mind that everything is going to be okay. You’ve got this. It’s safe for you to receive the things you want and you’re worthy of it all.

If you want to take it even deeper, I also suggest using tapping (also known as EFT or emotional freedom technique) to help plant those empowering beliefs into your subconscious mind much faster. It is a profound tool and has radically changed my life, which is why it’s one of the healing modalities I use in my Manifesting Sessions.

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Have Self-Compassion

The truth is that even if you’re aware you’re going through an upper limit problem and you know your self-sabotaging patterns, sometimes you’re still going to fuck it up. We are human. It happens to all of us. Remember to have some self-compassion and don’t beat yourself up if you did do something to self-sabotage. Forgive yourself for it. At the end of the day, nothing happens by accident. There are lessons in every experience. Take what you need to learn from it for the next time.

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Are you ready to take your life to the next level? In this post, I share my tips on how to break through your upper limit problem and expand your capacity to receive all the amazing things the universe has for you. #manifestation #upperlimit #upperlimitproblem #manifestationcoach #lifecoachforwomen
Are you ready to take your life to the next level? In this post, I share my tips on how to break through your upper limit problem and expand your capacity to receive all the amazing things the universe has for you. #manifestation #upperlimit #upperlimitproblem #manifestationcoach #lifecoachforwomen