7 Signs Your Manifestation Is On Its Way


“How do I know when my desire is about to manifest?” As a Manifestation Coach, this is a question I hear a lot. I get it. We all want to manifest our desires, like yesterday. Sometimes it does happen quickly and sometimes it takes a bit more time. Either way, we’re all eager to know when it will show up in our reality. 

Although there is no way to know for sure exactly when it will manifest because it all comes down to divine timing, there are signs you can look out for that will give you a hint as to whether or not what you want is about to manifest or if there’s still a little more work to do. Here, I’m sharing seven signs to look out for. 

You’ve Done the Inner Work

Manifesting our desires is part outer work (aka taking action, getting things done, etc.) and part inner work. You know you’ve done your inner work once you’re truly in your power and in your worth surrounding your desire. You believe without a shadow of a doubt that you deserve the thing you want. You’ve let go of things that weren’t serving you. You’ve reprogrammed limiting beliefs. That’s when your manifestation is about to break through. 

Of course, this process takes time and is not always easy. That’s why a lot of the work that I do with my manifestation coaching clients has to do with doing the inner work and clearing the blocks in order to manifest with ease. 

You’ve Taken the Action Steps

Like I said, manifestation is also about taking the action steps. In other words, don’t be lazy. You can’t just spend all day visualizing and expect things to magically appear. I mean, sometimes they do, but that’s not always the case. Manifestation is a co-creation process. You have to do your part (aka take action) and the universe will take care of the rest. 

I have my manifestation coaching clients write out a list of all the physical action steps they need to take in order to manifest what they want and start ticking things off the list one by one. This list should especially include things that you’re scared to do. Taking leaps of faith and getting out of your comfort zone are the things that make you the most magnetic.

Once you’ve checked everything off your list, that’s when the magic happens. That’s when you relax and wait for it to show up in divine timing.  

It’s the Next Logical Step

One big sign that you’re about to manifest something big is that it just feels like the next logical step. It makes perfect sense. How could it not manifest? Let’s say, for example, you’re trying to manifest an apartment. You’ve already set your intention for what you want in an apartment. You’ve already done the inner work and taken the action steps. You have the check in your hand for the deposit. You’re pretty much ready to go so finding your dream apartment is just the next logical step. There’s no way it won’t manifest. 

You Feel the Energy Around You

Our intuition is an insanely powerful tool we all have that lets us know what’s coming up for us. If you’re tapped into it, you’ll just have this inner knowing that your manifestation is about to come through, even though you can’t explain it. You can just feel the energy and magic of it swirling around you. You’ll feel happy and excited for no particular reason. It’s also helpful to think back to how you felt right before something big manifested for you in the past. We often have our own patterns and ways of feeling into the energy of things so pay attention to yours.

Things You Don’t Want Are Breaking Down

They say the sky is the darkest right before dawn and the same thing is true with manifestation. Sometimes things have to break down in order to create space for something new to birth. So if things that aren’t in alignment or contradict your manifestation start to remove themselves from your life, this is a good sign! Know that something big is about to manifest to take its place and it will be far greater. 

You See Signs and Synchronicity

For me, I know I’m about to receive a manifestation when I start seeing angel numbers everywhere and I mean everywhere. Angel numbers are repeating numbers like 1111, 888, 555, etc. This is one of the many ways the universe can signal to you that you’re on the right track and things are happening behind the scenes for you. But really, synchronicities of any kind are signs that your manifestation is coming. It’s the universe’s way of aligning everything perfectly for you. 

You’ve Fully Surrendered

Surrendering is another key element of manifestation and unless you’ve truly surrendered, your desire won’t become reality. Surrendering means you’ve not so attached to it. You feel very at ease and relaxed about it. You’re happy regardless of whether it manifests or not. It’s almost like you don’t care. You definitely still want the thing, but you don’t feel like you need it in order to feel happy and complete.

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