5 Journaling Exercises To Help You Manifest Your Dream Life


Journaling has been such a huge part of my life, for like, forever. It’s helped me work through a ton of blocks. It’s helped me heal things. It’s helped me manifest my dream life. It helps me raise my vibration daily. As a Manifestation Coach, it’s one of the top tools I recommend to my coaching clients. 

One of the questions I get asked a lot is how do you get started with a journaling practice? What exactly do you write? The short answer: There’s no right or wrong way to journal. That’s the beauty of it. It’s all about releasing what’s in your soul and self-exploration. But, I get it. Sometimes it’s helpful to have some guidance and exercises that can steer you in the right direction. 

Here, I’m sharing five powerful journaling exercises I highly recommend doing. They’re actually a prerequisite for my manifestation coaching clients. I have them do these before our first session. They’re that crucial! 

The best part: There’s a corresponding workbook for each of these in my FREE Manifestation Resource Library that shares even more details on each exercise. Go sign up to get access to the library and download the workbooks. You’ll love them. Trust me. 

Dream Day

The Dream Day exercise is all about writing down what your ideal work day looks like. Describe every detail of this ideal day starting from the moment you wake up until you fall asleep. Dream big here. Where are you? What are you doing? What’s your work schedule look like? Do you work from home in your pajamas or on a beach in Mexico wearing a bikini? Get specific. Even if this ideal day feels so far removed from your current reality, write it down anyway. The words you are writing are literally creating your reality. 

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The Woman I Want to Be

This exercise was inspired by famous designer Diane von Furstenberg who I had the pleasure of meeting a few years ago. She is such an inspiration. In her book, The Woman I Want to Be, she writes about not knowing exactly what she wanted to do with her life but she always had a deep knowing of the woman she wanted to be. So this exercise is about helping you get clear on the woman you want to be. What is she like? How does she show up in the world? What does she believe about herself? Once you get a clear picture of this ideal version of yourself, then you can slowly but surely start to embody her. 

Forgiveness List

Holding on to negative emotions like anger, shame, resentment, or guilt holds you back from creating a life you love. It drains your energy. This forgiveness journaling exercise is about letting go of all that stuff that’s clouding your aura and dulling your sparkle. It’s absolutely liberating and therapeutic and will make you feel like a huge weight has been lifted off your shoulders. Remember you need to create space in your life to attract the things that you want. This exercise will help with that in a major way.

Designing Your Luxe Life

In order to manifest your dream reality, you first have to be clear on what that looks like. The Designing Your Luxe Life exercise helps you get clear on that big vision you have for yourself and your life three years into the future. It covers all areas of your life from career and family to money and home life. I always encourage my coaching clients to manifest incrementally, meaning focusing on just the next level they want to achieve. But, for the purpose of this exercise, I encourage you to take a step back and really allow yourself to dream big and past what feels “realistic” and get into the vibration of anything is possible. 

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Reprogramming Limiting Beliefs

Uncovering and reprogramming limiting beliefs is at the core of the work I do with my manifestation coaching clients. It’s one of the keys to creating a life you truly love. This journaling exercise involves taking inventory of all the fears, worries, limiting beliefs, and negative thoughts that are constantly replaying in your mind and keeping you stuck. Then the next step is to flip the switch on them and write new beliefs that you want to embed into your subconscious mind. 

That’s it babes! Those are my five favorite journaling exercises to help you kick off your manifestation journey. Don’t forget to sign for my FREE Manifestation Resource Library where you can download the workbooks for each of these exercises. 

Want more journaling? Check out my signature manifestation journaling workbook, Unleash Your Magnificence. It’s filled with tons more journaling exercises for creating your dream life.


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