How To Use Oracle Cards To Access Your Inner Guidance


I’m a Manifestation Coach so of course I’m very into all sorts of woo woo things—sage, palo santo, crystals, mala beads, mantras, you name it. Oracle cards are one of my go-to spiritual tools for manifesting a life I love.

I’ve been using oracle cards for myself for years now and I’m always completely in awe of how spot on the guidance is. It gives me chills sometimes. That’s why I started doing oracle card readings on Instagram and it’s been so fun. I’ve gotten such great feedback on it which has inspired me to offer personalized oracle card readings for you too! You can book an oracle card reading right here.

Still not sure if oracle cards are for you? Keep reading to learn more about what they are and how to use them to tap into universal guidance. 

What are oracle cards?

Oracle cards are, well, cards that each have a beautiful message to share with you. There are many different oracle card decks on the market. There is no right or wrong one to use. Just choose a deck that calls to you. The Goddess Guidance deck and the Work Your Light deck are some of my personal favorites and I go back and forth between those two decks and other decks I have just depending on how I’m feeling. 

You can turn to your oracle cards when you have a specific question about something in your life. Maybe you have to make a big decision and need some confirmation that you’re on the right track. Oracle cards can help you get those answers from the universe. They can help you heal things that need to be healed in order to manifest the things you want. And they’re just a great personal growth tool to have in your back pocket.

How to Use Oracle Cards

There are of course endless amount of ways you can use oracle cards. I like to do a full spread for my clients when I have a session with them which helps paint more of a picture and tells a complete story. 

The easiest way to start to use your oracle cards is to just draw one card at a time which helps you really tune into the message it has for you. 

Here’s the process I recommend:

  1. Create sacred space. Pulling oracle cards is a sacred ritual so it’s important to make it into an experience. You can set the mood by lighting some sage and surrounding yourself with crystals or by just taking a deep breath. Just take a moment to disconnect from everything else and connect back with yourself.

  2. Shuffle your cards. Once you feel tuned in, give your card deck a really good shuffle. As you shuffle, think of what specific question you want to ask the cards. If you don’t have a specific question, you can just ask what do I need to know today or what is the energy of today? Make sure you really connect with the cards and tune into the energy of the cards as you do this. Stop shuffling when you feel intuitively guided to. 

  3. Pull one card. Next pull one card from either the top of the deck or in the middle using your left hand. The left side of your body is the feminine side which is all about recieving. 

  4. Interpret the message. Read the message on the card and really taking in the artwork too. Try to interpret the meaning of the card just based your intuition and the question you asked. Sometimes it’ll be very obvious but other times you’ll really have to tap into your inner GPS to understand what it is really trying to tell you. You can also take out a journal and write about it to see what other intuitive hits come through. Interpreting the messages takes a bit of practice but don’t get frustrated. The more you do it, the easier it’ll become. Pay attention to the first initial thought you have when you see the card. That’s usually the most important message you need to receive.

  5. Read the booklet. Once you’ve tried to decifer the message on your own, then you can take a peek at the little book the deck comes with to learn about its meaning. This might give you some more insight to help you understand the card but I’ve found that it’s our intuitive guidance that is the most spot on. 

  6. Make a plan. After digesting all the that information, summarize it for yourself into an easy-to-follow plan. Maybe the cards are telling you to do something specific such as taking a leap of faith or just taking a break in order to reconnect with yourself. I find it’s helpful to write down the guidance in a journal with a date on it. You can then come back to it in the future to see how the situation or advice panned out.

That’s it! Oracle cards are an incredible tool to help guide you. I like to pull a card every morning to help focus my energy for that day but feel free to have fun with it and create a ritual of your own.

Need some help interpreting the messages? Book an oracle card reading with me. 



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Jessica Estrada