How To Tap Into Your intuition

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Our intuition is how the universe speaks to us and it is constantly speaking to us. It sends us these little clues in the form of intuitive hits or nudges that guide us in our lives. All we have to do it pay attention.

Just like anything else, learning how to tap into your intuition takes time and practice. The more you tune into it, the stronger and stronger it gets. But before we dive into my tips, remember to trust yourself. You have all of the answers within you and you can’t make a wrong decision.

Go With Your Initial Feeling

Our intuition is very quick sometimes, which is why it’s important to pay attention to our very first feeling or thought. That’s usually the answer that comes from our intuition before we’ve even had a minute to think about it or process it.

As soon as you “think” about it, then you you’ve moved from your heart up to your mind and our mind is never the place to make decisions from because it tries to rationalize things and choose the logical options as opposed to what just feels right. Practice this even with little things like ordering at a restaurant. Go with your initial choice.

Ask For Signs

Like I said, the universe is constantly communicating with us. So whenever you’re unsure of something and need a little extra assurance, just ask the universe for a sign. You can get really specific and ask the universe to show you certain angel numbers or symbols. Or, I like to keep it more general and allow the universe to get creative.

I’ve had loud and clear signs show up on billboards. I’ve overheard a stranger say exactly what I needed to hear. I’ve even read my sign in an email in my inbox. They can show up in so many different ways and it’s so comforting to get that sign from the universe that your intuition is on the right track.

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Meditate On It

Intuition can be very blaringly obvious sometimes but other times it can be very subtle. That’s why when you’re super busy and you have a million things running through your mind, it’s hard to hear your intuition. Instead of trying to make a decision then and there. Just give it some breathing room. Sleep on it. Meditate on it. Giving yourself some time and empty space to just process the decision is enough to allow your intuition to come through.

Does It Expand Or Contract You?

A good test to see if your intuition is right is to ask yourself: Does this expand or contract me? An expansive feeling makes you feel big and excited and pulls you forward. A contracted feeling is the opposite. It’ll make you feel small and make you want to pull back.

I recommend closing your eyes when you ask yourself this and tuning into your body. Our bodies can tell us a lot of information. You might feel a tightness in your chest, chills, or butterflies in your stomach. They key here is not to confuse a contracted feeling with just fear.

Get Your Journaling On

Journaling is another powerful tool for tapping into your intuition. You can do a stream of conscious writing exercise where you just put pen to paper and let it flow. Or you can use journal prompts to ask yourself questions you’ve never asked yourself before. My Unleash Your Magnificence has 80+ pages of prompts to get you started if you need some help diving into your journaling practice. Just getting your thoughts and feelings down on paper makes it so much easier to see clearly then when they’re just swirling around in your mind.

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Learn Your Human Design Authority

In Human Design, everyone has an authority which is your strategy for making decisions. Knowing this about yourself is pretty damn life changing. Some people have a sacral authority which means they make decisions from their gut. Others have a splenic authority and their intuition is quick. While others have an emotional authority. For them, it’s best to give themselves some time to allow their emotional wave to settle so they can know what to do. We’re all designed to make decisions in different ways. Life becomes so much easier when you’re using your correct authority to navigate through life.

You can find your Human Design authority by pulling up your Human Design chart via Just enter your birthdate, the time you were born, and the city you were born in. You can also book a Manifesting Session and we can dive into your authority and other ways your Human Design chart can help you manifest like a pro.

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Look At Your Intuition Patterns

Take a look back at your past and try to remember times when you intuitively felt or knew something without any logical explanation. Maybe you had a good feeling you’d land that dream job or knew that a loved one was sick. You might see things, sense things, or just have an inner knowing for no reason. Write some notes down on how those intuitive nudges felt. Did they just pop into your head? Did you feel it in your body? Looking at your own intuitive patterns will help you pinpoint how your intuition speaks to you.

Keep A List Of Your Intuitive Hits

This is a ritual that I personally love and practice. Keep a list of all of your intuitive hits and nudges. You can do this in a notebook but I like to do it in my phone because you never know when your intuition is going to hit and you may not always have a pen and paper ready.

It can be as simple as:

  • “I have a feeling that…”

  • “I feel like I should…”

  • “I predict that…”

  • “My gut is telling me that…"

You don’t have to do anything with these nudges for now. Just documenting them is powerful because then you can look back and see how they panned out and if your intuition was right which will help you strengthen it.

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Learn the spiritual tools and techniques that will help you manifest anything you want with ease.

Learn how to use meditation, journaling, Human Design, and signs from the universe to tap into your intuition and use it to guide you in every area of your life. Click through to read my tips on how to tap into your intuition. #intuition #manifestation #manifestationcoach #lifecoach
Learn how to use meditation, journaling, Human Design, and signs from the universe to tap into your intuition and use it to guide you in every area of your life. Click through to read my tips on how to tap into your intuition. #intuition #manifestation #manifestationcoach #lifecoach
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