How To Actually Surrender Your Desires To The Universe

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If you’re into the law of attraction and manifestation, I’m sure you’ve heard a million times before that you need to surrender your desires to the universe in order to bring them to reality. Intellectually, I always understood this concept but it still left me with so many questions. How exactly do I surrender? What do I need to do? And how will I know once I have surrendered?

The want to control everything is so ingrained in us which makes it very difficult to surrender. We feel like we’re in it alone and we have to figure everything out ourselves but that couldn’t be further from the truth. That’s the whole point of surrendering. It’s realizing that you have this magnificent force (you can call it God, universe, spirit, whatever) there to help and support you at all times.

It took me years to really get it and know what it truly feels like to be in a state of surrender. If you’re trying to surrender and just can’t figure out how, here I’m sharing some tips and important things you need to know about surrendering to make the process so much easier.

Be Happy Whether You Have Your Desire Or Not

The simplest way I can explain it is that you know you’ve surrendered when you’re happy if you get your desire and you’re happy if you don’t. It’s complete unattachment and your happiness and your self-worth is not dependent on whether you have that thing or not.

Either way, you’re good. You feel whole, happy, and complete. You’re enjoying the present moment. You’re living your best life. You’re grateful to have what you have and be where you are no matter what.

That is what surrender looks like. There is no NEED for your manifestation. There is a strong want and desire for it but you don’t need it.

Just like in dating, neediness is not sexy. It repels the things you want instead of attracting them. Wanting it too bad creates resistance because it says to the universe that you don’t feel good enough unless you have that thing.

When you let go of the neediness, you remove the resistance and then the thing can easily flow into your life.

Feel Gratitude For The Present

That brings me to my next tip. If you’re looking around your reality and you don’t feel good about it, there is no way you can attract a better reality because you’re vibrating at a low frequency.

The solution? Gratitude. It is a powerful tool to help you truly embrace the present moment and be happy where you are no matter what. There are always a million things to be grateful for.

If you’re reading this, it means you have access the internet and own a computer or smartphone. That alone is worthy of massive gratitude. Whenever you start to freak out about not having the things you want, bring yourself back to a place of gratitude. Gratitude automatically puts you in a state of surrender.

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Focus On The Essence Of What You Want

Another useful tip to help you truly be happy in the present is to get clear on what feeling you think your manifestation will give you once you have it.

Do you want the nice car because it’s going to make you feel successful? Do you want the dream business because it’s going to make you feel purposeful?

This will not only help you ensure that you want the things you want for the right reasons but it’s also a helpful manifestation tool.

Let’s say you do want the nice car because you think it’s going to make you feel successful. Then the only way you can attract the car is if you’re vibrating at the level of success. Therefore, if you wait until you have the car to feel successful, you’ll never get it. Instead, you need to feel successful now and then it will come.

So once you pinpoint the feeling that you’re actually chasing, focus on how you already have that in your life. Write a list every day of all the ways you already are successful or purposeful or whatever is at the core of your desire and really anchor into that feeling.

Again, this takes the pressure off because if you’re already feeling the feeling that you want, then you don’t feel like you NEED the manifestation to feel happy and then you will attract it.

Surrendering Is A Daily Practice

Surrendering isn’t just this one magical moment. I mean it can be, but most of the time, it’s a moment to moment decision. Whenever fear, worry, or doubt pops up, you have to choose to surrender again and again. Simply saying “I surrender” to yourself in those moments is enough. It doesn’t have to be this big production. All it really takes is to have a willingness to surrender and let things go. The universe will help you do the rest.

Let The Universe Take The Wheel

The definition of surrender is to hand over. That doesn’t mean you give up on something. You simply release your need to control when and how it happens and you’re handing it over to the universe to take care of for you. You take your hands off the wheel and let the universe drive while you happily sit in the passenger seat and enjoy the ride. When you do this, you won’t feel worry, stress, or fear. You’ll feel good. You’ll feel taken care of, nurtured, and safe.

Flex Your Faith Muscle

Trusting the universe is a muscle and it takes a lot of practice to strengthen it. I’ve been manifesting and playing with energy for a long time and my faith muscle is definitely a lot stronger now and I’m not as afraid to take big leaps of faith because I know the universe will always catch me.

If you’re just starting to flex your faith muscle, it’s very helpful to take a look back and make a list of all the different ways the universe has come through for you in magical ways.

Maybe you were let go from a job and then found and even better one. Maybe you really needed money and it somehow randomly showed up. If you take a close look, I’m sure there are a million examples of the universe working its magic in your life.

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Notice Your Surrendering Patterns

While you’re taking inventory of all the magical moments in your past, it’s also very helpful to note how it felt when you surrendered right before each manifestation came through. Everyone has their own surrendering patterns even if you don’t realize it.

For example, for me in the past surrendering has looked like shifting my focus onto a different project because then I wasn’t so attached to that one goal. That released resistance and my manifestations came through quicker. Surrendering also looked like being completely open to what the universe had for me. When I was too focused and controlling over exactly how I wanted something to play out, it never worked. But, when I said, “okay universe this is what I want but I’m open to better ideas,” I opened the door for the universe to surprise and delight me.

Your surrendering patterns may be completely different. Maybe you felt a certain feeling in your body or did some sort of ritual that helped you let it go. Pay attention to what’s worked for you in the past and then rinse and repeat.

Trust In Divine Timing

This is one lesson that I’ve had to learn the hard way many times. When we want something, we tend to act like children and stomp our feet and demand we get it NOW. But the truth is sometimes the reason your manifestation hasn’t materialized is because you’re simply not ready for it and it’s just not the right time yet.

We need that extra time between when we ask for our desire and when it manifests to expand our capacity to receive it. If you’re asking for something big, you need to strengthen your energetic aura so that it’s strong enough to hold it when it comes through. Maybe you still have some lessons to learn, things to heal, or growing to do.

That’s exactly why entrepreneurs who incrementally grow their finances are able to hold wealth because they’ve had years to little by little stretch and grow. Where as people who win the lottery overnight and didn’t have that extra time to grow end up losing the money they won because their energy wasn’t strong enough to hold it.

So feel grateful for this gap of time. It is truly a gift and continue doing the inner work to expand your capacity to receive.

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You hear “surrender your desires to the universe” all the time, but how do you actually do it? Here, I share some useful and practical tips to help you truly surrender to the universe with ease and start to manifest the things you really want. #manifestation #manifestationcoaching #surrender #lawofattraction
You hear “surrender your desires to the universe” all the time, but how do you actually do it? Here, I share some useful and practical tips to help you truly surrender to the universe with ease and start to manifest the things you really want. #manifestation #manifestationcoaching #surrender #lawofattraction