How To Manifest Anything You Want

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As a manifestation coach, I believe that attracting the things you want goes way, way deeper than just making a pretty vision board, visualizing, and saying affirmations over and over again. Yes, all those techniques are great, but the real magic happens when you dive beneath the surface and get to the core of what you actually want, remove the subconscious blocks, raise your self-worth, and conquer your fears. That’s when the universe brings you everything you want on a silver platter.

Whether you’re a newbie to manifestation and want to understand how the laws of the universe work or you’re already a manifesting machine that just wants to dive deeper, here I break down my process for manifesting and some tips on how you can begin to implement it into your own life.

Get Clear

The universe is not a mind reader. It can’t send you what you want unless you know what you want. That’s why the first step toward manifesting anything is getting really clear about what that is.

Here’s the big caveat though: There are two types of manifestors. There are the specific manifestors who attract things with ease when they get super duper into the details of it.

Then there are the non-specific manifestors, like myself, that manifest best when they get in touch with the essence of what they want, focus on that, and leave all the details up to the universe.

This is so vital to our success when it comes to manifesting because if we focus on doing it one way when in reality we thrive operating the other way, then we create resistance and manifesting becomes difficult rather than effortless.

Human Design, which is similar to astrology, shows us whether we are a specific or non-specific manifestor. You can go to to take a look at your own Human Design chart. Or, you can book a Manifesting Session with me and I can help you see what type of manifestor you are.

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Reprogram Your Limiting Beliefs

I’m sure you’ve heard the popular saying “thoughts become things” a million times. But, it’s actually our beliefs that become true. We don’t manifest what we think about. We manifest what we believe. And oftentimes (okay, all the time), we have so many deep unconscious beliefs lurking below the surface that we don’t even know are there that are holding us back from manifesting the things we want.

It’s so important to uncover these subconscious beliefs. Journaling and stream of conscious writing where you just let your pen flow and see what comes out are very powerful tools for this. My manifesting workbook, Unleash Your Magnificence, has 80+ pages worth of journal prompts that help you dig deep and heal any limiting beliefs.

Once you know what the limiting beliefs are, you can then begin to reprogram them. Kind of like a computer operating software, you can begin to download new beliefs that better serve you. One of my favorite tools for reprogramming limiting beliefs is EFT, which stands for emotional freedom technique—also known as tapping.

EFT is a mix of ancient Chinese acupuncture and modern psychology. When we tap on certain points on our face and body, we are able to calm the nervous system and release any negative beliefs and implant new more empowering beliefs.

It is a profound healing tool and has changed my life in so many ways. If you’ve never tried it, I highly encourage you to hop on YouTube and google “EFT tapping” and try some of the videos. Or, you can book a Manifesting Session with me and we can dive into it together. I promise you, it’s magical.

Elevate Your Self-Worth

Like I said, we manifest through our beliefs and what we believe we can have. If you have a low sense of self-worth, subconsciously you probably don’t believe you are worthy of the things that you want and therefore you won’t be able to call them in. The challenge is to begin to step into your self-worth and develop unwavering self-love.

How exactly do you do that? The first step is to take inventory of your life and get clear on what is no longer serving you and what you need to let go of in every single area of your life. When it comes to manifesting, it’s important to look at your life as a whole. So, for example, stepping up your self-worth in your relationship can also help skyrocket your career or vice versa. It’s all energy and it’s all connected.

As you begin to let go of the things that make you feel small, you create space for the things you do want to flow into your life.

Take Action

There are two sides to manifesting, there’s the metaphysical, which is the spiritual and inner work. Then there’s the physical. These are the physical action steps that you need to take in order to manifest something.

Here’s the thing though, when they are the right action steps, they’ll feel amazing. It’ll never feel like work. It’ll never feel like you’re pushing and hustling. You’ll feel a sense of flow and alignment and things will just click together so beautifully and effortlessly almost as if by magic.

Determining what action is the right action relies on using your intuition. Think about what actions steps feel good and exciting? Rather than what you “think” you should do to bring about your desired result.

Practice listening to your intuition and allow it to guide you. Your intuition is the way the universe speaks to you and it gives you little clues guiding you in the right direction. All you have to do is pay attention and take the action.

Another thing that can help you determine what action is the right action that will help you manifest what you want is fear. Fear isn’t a bad thing at all. It truly has good intentions. It’s just trying to protect us from something that we perceive as dangerous or scary.

But the truth is that fear only protects us from all the magical, juicy things that are on the other side of that fear: our desires, our dreams, our goals. Everything you want is on the other side of that fear. Everything.

Use fear as a compass. If the idea of starting a business terrifies you, that’s a clue. If being vulnerable around your loved ones, makes you feel incredibly uncomfortable, that’s another clue that you need to do those things in order to reach the next level in all areas of your life.  

Step through your fears and I promise you, your manifestations will come to you at record speed. Some of the biggest most divinely guided manifestations (amazing high-paying clients, fancy car, dream home, etc.) that I’ve called in have happened right after I did something that absolutely terrified me and I mean TERRIFIED ME.

Your next level demands a new version of yourself. In order to have the things that you’ve never had, you need to do things you’ve never done before. The more you lean into your fears instead of run away from them, the more and more you life will start to magically change.


You hear the word surrender a lot in manifestation. Intellectually, I always understood this concept but it actually took me years to really get it and know what it feels like to embody the feeling and truly be in a place of surrender.

The simplest way I can explain it is that you know you’ve surrendered when you’re happy if you get your desire and you’re happy if you don’t. It’s complete unattachment and your happiness and your self-worth is not dependent on whether you have that thing or not.

Either way, you’re good. Either way, you’re enjoying the moment and living your best life. You’re grateful to be where you are and have what you currently have.

That is what surrender looks like. There is no NEED for your manifestation. There is a strong want and desire for it but you don’t need it.

Just like in dating, neediness is not sexy. It repels the things you want instead of attracting them. Wanting it too bad creates resistance because it says to the universe that you don’t feel good enough unless you have that thing.

So when you let go of the neediness, you remove the resistance and then the thing can easily flow into your life.

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Trust the Process

And lastly, you have to trust the process. You have to have faith. This is so key and it’s often one of the most difficult things for people. Just because you don’t see anything happening, that doesn’t mean the universe isn’t working behind the scenes orchestrating everything for you.

Doubt is going to pop up. That’s inevitable. It happens to everyone, but it’s your job to shift that doubt into faith every single time. You have to hold onto to that inner knowing no matter what is happening around you.

The mantra that I like to use is: “This or something better,” which means that if the thing I want to manifest doesn’t come to fruition that just means something better is coming along right behind it.

The mantra also leaves space for the universe to surprise and delight you with something that’s far better than you could conceive in your mind. I can not tell you how many times this has happened to me in my life and each and every time I am in complete awe.

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