How To Grow Your Email List Quickly Using Pinterest


There are so many ways to market your business in order to grow your email list and book more clients. My absolute favorite way, hands down, is Pinterest. It is an absolute game-changer.

With Pinterest, I get 1-2 million monthly views and hundreds of new subscribers per month. Pinterest helped me grow my email list to 500 subscribers in less than a month of launching my business and 5,000 in less than 6 months, which is pretty wild.

Now of course, you can totally market yourself and your business in other ways if you desire such as on Facebook and Instagram but the beauty is that you don’t have to. With Pinterest, all your dream clients find you on autopilot. It’s freaking amazing. Seriously.

There’s a few reasons why I love Pinterest so much.

1. It’s totally free! I do recommend using an automation tool to schedule your pins such as Tailwind but it is really just a tiny investment. We’re talking the price of three lattes from Starbucks tiny. And just to put things into perspective for you, it can cost an average of $10-$15 to get just ONE person onto your email list using a Facebook Ad whereas with Pinterest, you can get HUNDREDS or even thousands of new subscribers onto your email list per month for that same price. The return on investment is insane.

2.  It’s super easy to use. I’m gonna say it: Facebook ads are a freaking nightmare. They are so complex and really require an expert to manage, which is probably not in your budget when you’re launching your business. Pinterest, on the other hand, is easy. Almost too easy if you ask me. Yes, there is a specific strategy that you need to implement that I walk my coaching clients through but I promise you there will be no headaches.

3. It’s not time-consuming whatsoever. Yes, setting up the initial strategy does take some time and some hard work but once it’s all set up, it pretty much runs automatically with minimal effort. I literally only spend a few minutes a week on Pinterest and it still continues to drive hundreds of new people to my site every day and get anywhere from 500-1,000 new subscribers to my email list every month. So you don’t need to spend hours and hours in Facebook groups or creating content for social media. It all pretty much just flows without you having to do much, which is the dream. I mean, I don’t know about you, but one of the main reasons I became an entrepreneur was so I didn’t have to be chained to my computer 24/7.

Are you digging Pinterest as much as I do yet? I bet you are. That’s why in this blog post I’m sharing some of my top tips on how to grow your email list using Pinterest.

Brand Your Pinterest Profile

The first step towards stepping up your Pinterest game to grow your tribe and email list is to turn your profile into a business page and apply for rich pins. Next, you want to give your entire profile a makeover. The purpose of every single thing on your Pinterest profile should be to attract your dream client. So think about what kind of topics they’re really into as it relates to your service.

For example, as a business coach, my ideal clients are new and aspiring entrepreneurs so some of my Pinterest board topics are “Entrepreneur + Business” and “Branding Tips” because I know those are the types of topics my ideal clients are searching for.

From now on, everything from your Pinterest bio to your board topics to your pins should be about your audience not you. So if you love pinning recipes and hair inspo but those topics don’t relate to your business and dream clients, then make those boards secret.

It’s All About The Keywords

A common misconception about Pinterest is that it is a social media platform but that is actually not the case. Pinterest is a search engine just like Google, which is exactly why it’s so powerful for growing your email list.

It means that the people that are finding your content are actually looking for it. They go to Pinterest on purpose to find answers to their questions, solutions to their problems, tips, and inspiration.

And just like any other search engine, your success relies on how effectively you use keywords. Keywords are what makes your content searchable because an algorithm can’t read and consume content so it relies on what keywords you use to determine what the content is all about.

So let’s say you write a blog post about blogging. If you don’t use the keyword “blogging” in your pin, the chances of your dream clients coming across your pin when they search blogging are slim. So be sure to strategically include keywords all over your Pinterest profile.

This is exactly what’s helped many of my pins go viral. We’re talking 40k+ saves each! It’s all about the keywords so make sure you’re using them.  

Create Beautiful Pins

Pinterest is a visual search engine so creating visually captivating pins is absolutely crucial for growing your audience and email list. I love using either Adobe InDesign or Canva for creating pins. I walk my 1:1 clients through exactly how I create really gorgeous pins that go viral but here I’m sharing a few key things to keep in mind when you’re creating your pins.

  • Create vertical pins. The longer the better. Horizontal pins look smaller in the Pinterest news feed, which means they don’t stand out and get as much attention.

  • Include a call to action. Tell the reader what you want them to do next both in the pin itself and in the description. Use clear language like “click through to read more” or “sign up for my freebie.”

  • Keep your branding consistent. I definitely recommend playing with different styles of pins but make sure you keep the overall vibe of your pins as consistent as possible by using the same colors and fonts. Consistency makes you look like a pro and helps people recognize your pins.

Use Group Boards

Using Pinterest group boards is another really powerful way to grow your audience. A group board is basically a board that multiple people pin content on. Any pins pinned onto that group board are then shown to anyone that is following that board.

So it’s a good idea to join boards that have bigger followings that way you can reach more people and grow your audience faster. It’s all about quality over quantity. It’s much more effective to join just a few amazing group boards then a bunch of okay ones. You don’t want your profile to look spammy.

Automate Your Pins

Just like any other platform, Pinterest loves it when you use Pinterest consistently— like every single day. The great news is that you don’t actually have to be on Pinterest every single day you can use an automation tool to help do that for you.

I love and recommend Tailwind. I don’t think I would have been able to grow my email list as quickly as I did without it. It’s worth every single penny and like I mentioned before, the return on investment is crazy when you think of how many potential clients you can get onto your list.

Tailwind allows you to schedule pins in advanced, which means you can curate all your pins for the week in just a few minutes. It’s super easy and kind of fun actually. I love that Tailwind tells you which times are the best times to post to get the most engagement so there’s no guesswork involved. And then there’s Tailwind Tribes, which are ahhmazing. Tribes are basically a group of awesome babes that pin similar content to yours and you all come together to share each other’s content and help each other grow.

If you’re ready to take your Pinterest game to the next level (which I think you should!), you can get your first month of Tailwind totally free right here. Side note: I get a credit when you sign up through that link at no additional cost to you.

Write High Quality Blog Posts

Creating really beautiful pins is not enough. Once someone clicks on your pin to read more, you want them to be greeted by an ahhhmmazing blog post. Churning out a couple of paragraphs just for the sake of it isn’t going to cut it honey.

Creating high-quality, bombass content is my ZONE OF GENIUS and it’s one of the things I teach my clients how to do.

It’s all about quality over quantity when it comes to your blog posts. Having one outstanding blog post filled with juicy value is way more effective than posting 10 mediocre ones.

The goal is to WOW potential clients when they land on your site and if they click over and find a blog post that’s really short and lacks substance, they’re probably not going to be banging at your door wanting to work with you. Just being real.

On the other hand, if they read your blog post and they’re totally blown away by all the value you offered for free, you best believe they’re going to want to learn more from you.

Include An Opt In

Okay, now last but certainly not least, an essential part of my Pinterest marketing strategy is creating an irresistible opt in (aka lead magnet or freebie) for your dream clients. The idea is you use Pinterest to attract people to your website and then in order to stay in touch with them, they need to join your email list.

That’s where enticing them with a free piece of valuable content comes in. A lead magnet can be in any format— pdf, video, or audio. It’s really up to you. The easiest and fastest to put together is a pdf worksheet, workbook, or ebook. You can create one pretty easily using Canva.

Make sure the topic of your lead magnet is directly related to the service you’re offering. If you’re helping people manifest their dream career, don’t create a freebie sharing your favorite smoothie recipes. That just doesn’t make sense.

And make it juicy! Your lead magnet is your opportunity to show people how awesome you are and give them a taste of what it’s like to work with you. First impressions matter. Leave them wanting more.



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